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Celebrating Our Beauties!!!

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I grew up as a  child of missionaries in the Marshall Islands from the time I was 9 months old until I was almost 10 years old.  My father passed away 19 years ago and my mother went back after his death, continuing on in the the work there for another  12 years.  My brother Terry Sasser  and his wife Amy, also serve out in the Islands, helping in many different areas!  So, my entire family has been involved with the Marshall Islands for a very long time and we dearly love the people there.

Growing up in the Marshall Islands meant that I saw firsthand, the effects of poverty,  abuse and the great need that existed both for Jesus and for justice. The people of the Marshall Islands are beautiful, but like any culture, there are struggles and challenges that exist there.

When I was 7 years old, the Holy Spirit began to birth a heart for justice in me.  All I had ever known at that young age was life in the islands so I didn’t really have any other place to compare it to. I just knew there was injustice and I prayed and asked God to help me to make a difference one day.

Many years later, I would meet my husband Derek, on a missions trip to the Marshall Islands. He shared the same passion for orphans that I did. It was on that same trip that we got engaged,  8 days after we met! We married 9 months later, after being separated by 10,000 miles throughout our entire engagement. I know….a pretty wild story huh, but the best decision ever! Together, we fought for justice and adopted many children! I loved living life with him and serving Jesus together!

As most of you know, my husband was killed in a car wreck, during a horrible winter storm, on December 23rd, 2009,  leaving behind 10 of our children (8 of whom were adopted).  Judah and Joanna, also from the Marshall Islands, joined our family within a year after Derek’s death, and we can’t imagine what our lives would be like without them. Like our other children, they are priceless and we love them so much!

A little over a year ago, specific circumstances lined up and I was asked to help two more beautiful  ones (from the Marshall Islands) by making them a part of our family.  To be honest, at this point in my life I never dreamed that I would be adding a newborn and a 19 year old to our family! Benjamin Isaiah was born on March 30th/Easter Eve, and  19 year old, Michelle Natalie, arrived on Easter Sunday.  I already had 12 children (10 adopted)  and life was full (understatement)!  Both these beauties are related to one of my other daughters Leeann, and after much prayer, I knew that it was the right decision to help them and make them a part of our tribe!  During my time of prayer, the Lord highlighted this portion of Scripture: Isaiah 61:3 … He will bestow upon them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor.

Although I can’t get into all the details that led Michelle and Benjamin to become a part of our family, I can say this.  They were chosen by God’s very own hand and set in our family for purposes far greater than we will ever really come to know.

My beautiful  Michelle (a.k.a. Shell Belle), is amazing and today is the one year anniversary of her becoming my daughter! I couldn’t be prouder of who she is! She’s walked through such a painful past and has come to know the love of Jesus and a family  in such a deep and rich way. When Michelle first arrived, she really didn’t want anything to do with God. She was hurting and  struggled to trust, which was completely understandable because of all she had been through. Now, there’s not a day that goes by when she’s not talking about God’s deep and rich love for her.  She’s also learning to trust in ways she’d never dreamed she’d be able to.  Michelle recently completed the One Thing internship here in Kansas City and is now enrolled in IHOPU. She’s making new friends and is so on fire for Jesus. Shell Belle is such a treasure and brings  so much joy and life to our family! What a precious and beautiful gift from Jesus she is to us all!! How blessed I am to be her mom! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for her future! She’s going to be a world changer for sure!!!


















My little Benjamin turned 1 yr old yesterday. Oh my goodness, what a little love! He melts our heart with his smile and is such a little joy bug! His sisters are constantly fighting over who is going to hold him next! I’m so blessed that he’s my son and am excited to watch him grow and to see his little personality develop!

I am so rich in love and so very humbled and grateful  that Jesus has entrusted me with two more priceless treasures! Tonight, I’m going to bed feeling blessed, and celebrating all that God is doing in my two beauties lives! WOW! God is good!
























When Your Fear Feels Big

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Fear has roared at me this week. Dared me to turn back.
And I have listened more than I’d like to admit.
I read these words…

We’re called to chase lions. There is an old aphorism ‘No guts, no glory.’ When we don’t have the guts to step out in faith and chase lions, then God is robbed of the glory that rightfully belongs to Him.

I swallow hard and the fear stays.
I talk to friends, pace the floor, have trouble going to sleep at night.

Then this morning I’m sipping coffee. And I start telling God how big He is and how He can do anything.


When I look back at the fear, that lion roaring at me, it seems so much smaller sitting alongside the God of the Universe.
And I realize it’s been that way all along.
Fear roars at me again.
But this time it sounds more like…
I chase it out the door.
Silly cat.
And I turn instead to all God has for me.

Mark Batterson


Happy Birthday to my beautiful mom!

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Today is my beautiful Mama’s (Florence Sasser) birthday. She has been a part of a conference in Canada and was supposed to arrive back home today, but her flight out of her Denver layover got cancelled due to a lack of flight crew. So, she won’t be home until very late….too late to celebrate her on her actual birthday, which makes me so sad!I LOVE to celebrate my sweet Mama!My amazing mom was a missionary to the Marshall Islands for many years before moving in with my husband Derek, and I, not long before his death. Derek adored her and she adored him. They got along so well! I remember the wee hours of the morning on December 23rd of 2009, when I first got the call that would radically change my life and the lives of my children. Derek had been in a terrible car accident. I ran down the stairs and knocked on Mom’s bedroom door. She jumped out of bed and opened the door immediately, and when I gave her the news, she held me and just began to pray. A few phone calls later when Derek’s doctor told us that Derek had passed away from his injuries, Mom cried with all of us and just kept praying. You see, she understood so much of the pain that I was going through. She lost her love, my precious Daddy, very unexpectedly at 57 years old. She knew so much of what the valley of the shadow was going to be like for me. More than anything, she didn’t want me to have to walk this road. The pain and the grief were more than anyone could possibly bear….but for God.

My mama modeled trust and faith in action for me. When Daddy died, there were so many unknowns, just like there were for me when I lost my Derek. In the middle of all the challenges and hardships, Mom honored Jesus. She thanked Him…ALWAYS! Mom was never angry at God. Yes, she had her questions and still doesn’t know all the answers to the “whys?” Neither do I. But she taught me throughout my life, that I could trust our precious Jesus in the midst of the deepest heartache and tragedy. I could lean on Him and count on Him to always provide as Jehovah Jireh, for every need in my life, and the lives of mine and Derek’s children. More than anything….I could always count on His love…even when I was completely clueless as to why certain things happened. I grew up knowing that God is a good God and that He is for me, not against me….(Jeremiah 29:11).

As time marched on after Daddy’s death, there were friends who didn’t keep in touch with Mom. She kept her heart unoffended and pressed into Jesus. She said, “I know they’re busy and some just don’t understand because they’ve never walked this road. It’s ok.” she would say. Life moves on for everyone else and “I’m looking at the bigger picture.” Her eyes were fixed on Jesus and all He was wanting to work in and through her life. She wanted to run her race here on earth well and she is doing just that!

Shortly after Derek’s death, my mom reminded me that Derek and I had offered to help a little blind girl named Joanna, who was living in the Marshall Islands. I wasn’t sure how I could keep that commitment after Derek’s death because I had 11 children at the time (most of whom were adopted or soon to be). Joanna was not only blind. She was autistic, couldn’t eat any solids and was non verbal. At almost 13 years old, she was the size of a 4 year old and was very malnourished. My mama, who was very aware of all I had on me, said this. “Honey, if you’ll take Joanna in, I will commit to being her main caregiver.” My mom was 73 years young when she committed to our precious “Jo Bear.” We made Joanna a part of our family and every day since, Mom has kept her word. She has fewer hours of sleep than most of the planet. While Jo is in school during the day, Mom continues to work on behalf of the Marshallese people, whom we consider our family. She continues to pour out over and over again.

My mama is beautiful and gorgeous in every way.

There is no question as to why my Mom’s life is so fruitful! She has always made Jesus first in her life. She is one of the most selfless women I know.

Mama, it’s hard to believe that you are now 76 years young! You live your life with such great passion and you have more energy than many 40 year olds I know. How blessed I am to call you, “mine.” Thank you for always being here for me and the children. Thank you for having taught me throughout my life, about God’s magnificent and committed love. What an example you were and still are of that! Thank you for teaching me to never play games in communicating with others. Thank you for teaching me how to love well even when it’s hard sometimes. Thank you for teaching me to forgive and to not hold on to hurtful things. You are a rare treasure on this earth and the world is a much better place because you’re in it.

Happy Birthday! We can’t wait to celebrate your life when your plane brings you back to us.

I love you beautiful mama of mine. Thank you for loving me. How rich I am because I have you 

Yours forever,

Your are NO mistake!

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Your life is NO mistake…no accident!  You were dreamed up in God’s heart and formed by His very hands! YOU were placed in this world for a purpose!!


I am your Creator. You were in my care even before you were born (Isaiah 44:2).

That’s right! You are NO mistake! YOU are God’s MASTERPIECE!

Your birth was no accident and your value is not determined by the circumstances that led to your conception. Some of you were conceived in love, others through negative or violent circumstances. Your parents may or may not have planned you, but God did!

You were conceived in God’s mind long before you were conceived by your parents!. It’s no coincidence or chance that you’re walking around breathing at this very moment. You are alive because God had a plan and a purpose in creating you!

God planned every single detail of your body. He chose the color of your skin, your hair, your eyes and every other part of you. You are God’s custom design….created just the way he wanted you to look…created for a purpose! He determined what talents you would have and the uniqueness of your personality too! The Bible teaches us that God took great care in creating each one of us. We were known by God from our very beginnings…before we ever breathed our first breath.

When I began to discover the truth of my beginnings in God’s Word, it began to shape how I perceive my value and worth. I began to see my true identity in Him. Psalms 139:13-15 seems to express this truth best:

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. (ESV) It goes on to say In Psalm 139:16 (Living Bible), “You saw me before I was born and scheduled each day of my life before I began to breathe. Every day was recorded in your Book! (Psalm 139:16 Living Bible).

God never makes mistakes! He has a reason for everything He chooses to create! Your life has deep and profound meaning! You are NOT hopeless, you are NOT worthless! YOU ARE LOVED! You are PRICELESS to Him!

So when life is hard and you’re tempted to give up, thinking no one would really miss you if you were gone, remember you were created for a beautiful purpose! Hold on precious one and know that you are loved, adored and cherished more than you could ever begin to imagine!!





My Birthday Boys!

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November is packed with birthdays at our home! I’m going to highlight two of my boys in this post…my precious Ethan and Silas!

November 7th was my precious Ethan’s 10th birthday! Wow, when I think about all God has done in his little body, mind and spirit, it just blows me away!

I remember the day I first met our little “E-Bear,” at the Ukrainian orphanage he was in. He was so tiny, so weak, so sick. Out of the three boys we adopted on that trip, he was our little guy that we were most concerned about. He almost didn’t survive the trip home. When we landed he was hospitalized immediately. He weighed 11 pounds at 5 years old.

Today, although my boy is still small for his age (about the size of a 4 year old), he’s grown a lot and has come a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG way. When he first came to us he couldn’t even sit up on his own without help. He chewed on his fists and groaned. That’s all he had the strength to do. Ethan began blossoming almost immediately after getting out of the hospital. He began gaining strength and even showed us a beautiful smile that completely melted all of our hearts!

I can’t even imagine our lives without this priceless son of mine! He’s taught us so much in the 5 years that he’s been ours! My boy is a fighter and had to be, to survive all he’s been through. Ethan loves like Jesus loves…so sweetly, so tenderly, so purely. He is usually one of the first ones to rush to someone’s side when they are hurting or crying, offering gentle kisses and hugs. He often says, “Ok, ok,” his way of saying it’s all going to be ok. Oh how I love this boy of mine!

Happy Birthday my darling son! Jesus blessed us all beyond belief when he created your precious life and chose us to fly across the world to make you ours. I am humbled to be your mommy. I know that although Daddy is in his Heaven home now, he is still interceding for you, feeling such pride in who you are, asking Jesus to continue to fill you with the knowledge of his great love for you. That is what has brought you this far, the love of your precious Jesus. That is what will get you and all of us through to the end…which will be the true beginning for us all.

I love you more than words…….

Your Mommy 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETHAN!!!!!Ethan on the right with his brother Silas on the left


Today, my beautiful son Silas, turned 7 years old! I am so blessed and honored to have had the privilege of being Silas’ mommy for the past 5 years. Derek and I adopted Silas from Ukraine. Derek passed away in an accident just 10 months after we adopted Silas, and was the only father Silas ever knew.

Silas has come so far in the 5 years he’s been ours. We’ve been so blessed to watch Jesus restore His precious little life. My son is truly a sign and a wonder, displaying the greatness of our God!

Like our son Ethan, Silas was born with Down Syndrome. It breaks my heart to know the appalling rate of babies with Down syndrome who are aborted. When parents receive a prenatal diagnosis, 9 times out of 10, they will choose to abort that child, simply because the baby has an extra chromosome. It’s hard to wrap my mind around that fact.

Those of you who know my precious son, know the priceless beauty of his life. I can’t imagine this world without my Silas in it. He brings a special beauty that no words could do justice in capturing. His amazing laugh, his joy, his beauty, his sensitivity to those around him who are sad or feeling pain, is remarkable and a testament of God’s love and purpose for his life.

I thank Jesus for the gift of you my beautiful son! How honored I am that I was chosen to be your mommy. You are my darling and I adore you. Thank you for the joy you bring us all. Thank you for your love, your hugs, the beauty of all you are. Thank you for showing us a little glimpse of heaven in your eyes. You are God’s priceless creation. You were fashioned by his very hands and the purpose He has for your life is greater than any of us could begin to imagine.

I love you my precious son!
I’m blessed that you are mine!
Thank you for being my strong, brave boy!
Thank you for bringing more joy to our lives than we could have ever imagined!
Thank you for your awesome Si Si dances!
Thank you for allowing us to love you!
Thank you for all that you went through before you became ours.
Thank you for trusting us to treasure you!

My Jesus, I thank you for the gift of our beautiful Silas! I thank you that your plans for his life are far beyond what we could ever dream up ourselves. Thank you that everything you do, you do it well and perfect, and beautifully!

Happy Birthday my priceless son! I can’t wait to see how many more lives you impact, because of Jesus who shines so brightly through your life!

You are my treasure! I love you more than words!

Hugs and kisses!


True Religion

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I’ve had several private conversations with many of my widowed friends. One of their greatest struggles is that they feel forgotten. Once the funeral of their loved one passed and about 3 months down the road after the death of their spouse, the cards stopped coming, the phone didn’t ring anymore, the support just ended. That all got me to thinking and I just thought I’d throw this out to you.

How many of you know of a widow or widower (no matter what age) who have lost their precious love? Were you involved in helping them in anyway? Are you still actively involved in their lives? If not, at what point did you become inactive in their lives and why? It’s so easy to become overwhelmed with all that’s going on in day to day life, and to forget those who are desperately in need of your friendship and love. It’s so easy to sometimes judge where you think they’re at because of the hurt, anger or sadness they are walking through. It might feel uncomfortable to remain involved in their lives because of assumptions some of you might have made about them, or simply because you’ve become so busy that you feel you’ve already done your part, during the first few weeks of their loss, and you don’t know what else to do. I’m just here to remind you that sometimes, things are not as they appear. Most of the time the pain runs so  much deeper than you might realize. The loneliness that so many widows and their children experience, because people don’t reach out to them is outrageous! Even much of the church struggles with walking out God’s mandate to care for the widow. I know God’s heart is so incredibly grieved over this.

This post has nothing to do with me, as a widow, although I do have my own questions and confusion over those who seem to have forgotten, as I have not heard from many of our own friends who knew my husband Derek quite well. I am NOT offended (truly) but I do understand some of what my friends are feeling. This post has every thing to do with with me wanting to bring awareness to something that is deeply on God’s heart.

In James 1:27 it says this.

Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction….

Pure and undefiled religion demands personal contact with the world’s sorrow: The Greek word, here translated “visit,” is episkeptomai, and is closely related to the noun, episkopos, which is rendered “overseer” in Acts 20:28. Thayer, the great Greek lexicographer, defines the word, “to look upon or after, to inspect, examine with the eyes  to look upon in order to help or benefit.” Vine, another Greek scholar, defines it: “primarily, to inspect (a late form of episkopeo, to look upon, care for, exercise oversight), signifies to visit with help  to visit the sick and afflicted.”

Would love to begin a discussion on this. What are your thoughts???

I can’t end this post without thanking those who have been a big source of encouragement in our lives especially since we met or became acquainted with most of you after Derek’s death. God bless you! Much love!

My beautiful Sophia

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I got married to the love of my life, Derek Loux, and was so blessed to have him in my life for almost 18 years, before his death in an accident on December 23rd of 2009.
Our firstborn son Josiah Samuel, had a long battle with his health and passed away when he was 2 and 1/2 years old. Nine months before Josiah’s death, my father, Sam Sasser, passed away. Two months after Josiah’s death, I lost the baby I was carrying for over 4 months into my pregnancy. There was so much loss and grief during that year. Derek and I clung hard to Jesus and to each other during this time. There was a lot to work through and a very dark and deep valley to journey on, but God was good and so incredibly faithful, carrying us through it all.

This is actually a birthday post about my beautiful daughter Sophia, so some of you at this point might be wondering why I shared about all the sadness. Here’s why…

The day I found out that I was pregnant with Sophia was both beautiful and terrifying for Derek and I. Beautiful because we were so excited about having children. I never had a hard time getting pregnant, but as I mentioned, our first child had passed away at a very young age and our second baby died in my womb. We were terrified because we didn’t want to walk through the loss of another baby. Those fears ran deep but God’s grace and love ran even deeper. Derek and I determined in our hearts that we would trust Jesus and not live in fear of the unknown.

On November 18th of 1997, I went into labor. Derek and I were so excited! I was actually overdue and definitely excited to finally meet our little beauty! We had already chosen her name…Sophia Elise. Both are Hebrew names…Sophia meaning “wisdom” and Elise (her grandma, Nanny’s middle name) meaning “God is an oath.” Three hours after entering the hospital, our beautiful princess was born. She came out with her big brown eyes opened, looking all around the room. She was so quiet and at peace. She had jet black hair, that eventually would turn white blonde and, a gorgeous tan on top of it all.

The doctor who delivered our Sophia, was the same doctor who delivered our precious son Josiah. Josiah’s birth was incredibly traumatic, so when our doctor delivered Sophia, he held her up in front of Derek and I and said, with tears in his eyes, “Just look at her, she’s perfect…just perfect!” Derek cut her umbilical cord and our doctor handed her to me. Derek and I couldn’t stop crying. What a gift! After so much sorrow and agonizing pain the previous year, we were holding our new, priceless and beautiful gift from Jesus. We couldn’t have been happier!

Every year since Sophia’s birth, she has brought our family nothing but joy. She has always been such a beautiful, respectful and loving daughter! Everyone who knows Sophia, knows that she is pure love, wrapped up in a gorgeous bow! She’s an encourager and a young woman running hard after God’s heart. Her Jesus matters most to her….secondly her family and next her friends. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful heart of compassion she has! She’s talked to me many times, with tears rolling down her cheeks, sharing the heartache of different hardships that her family and friends were walking through. She physically aches when those she loves are hurting, or when she hears of someone going through a dark time of pain and injustice. Her compassion takes my breath away at times! She truly is a very bright light shining in a dark world.

I love my beautiful Sophia. I can’t imagine our lives without her. She has walked through one of the most painful things imaginable, the loss of her daddy at a very young age. I still remember the day I was finalizing the plans for Derek’s funeral. Sophia came to me and said, “Mommy, I want to dance at Daddy’s funeral. I said, “Honey, are you sure?” She said, “Yes, I want to dance for my daddy.” I remember sitting in the front row at Derek’s funeral, watching my precious girl dancing around her daddy’s coffin, in honor of him, to a song called, “Until tomorrow.” Hot tears poured down my face and many other’s faces as we watched her “dance for daddy.” I thought to myself, “Who is this daughter of mine?” Beyond amazing is what she was and still is, from the day of her birth, up until now.

I can’t quite capture all you are to me my precious, darling Sophia. You amaze me daily with your heart of love and compassion. You bring hope to a world that struggles to find it. You love so well. You pursue God with a vibrant and unwavering passion! You have postured your heart so well and have never let yourself become offended with your beautiful Jesus. Sure you’ve had your questions, but you’ve always taken them to Jesus and determined in your heart that you would trust Him to carry you through it all.

Oh how I love you! I love the young woman you have become. I couldn’t be prouder of you! Yes, you’re beautiful on the outside, but oh so gorgeous on the inside. Thank you for loving everyone in your life so well. Thank you for giving of yourself, over and over again…truly, deeply and richly.

You are my priceless gem and I LOVED celebrating you at your party last night! I loved hearing everyone sharing all their words of love and affirmation over you. I looked around at all those who gathered to honor you and I thought, “Oh my goodness, my baby girl is so rich in love!” You’re rich because you’ve poured yourself out time and time again and now you are reaping the reward of your love!

I love you my beautiful and priceless gift from Heaven! Thank you for all you are to me! I pray that this new year of your life is filled with countless blessings and surprises from Jesus, as you continue to place him first in your life and love him with all your heart!

Happy, happy birthday, my beautiful angel!

With all my love!


Happy Birthday Sasha!

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Today is a beautiful day of celebration for our family! Eleven years ago, today, our priceless Sasha Alexander was born! The meaning of his name is “Defender of men/warrior.” Although Sasha has only been in our lives for 5 years, it seems like he’s been ours forever! Sasha is a beautiful boy who lights up the lives of all who know him. Sasha loves Jesus, his family and friends so well! He also LOVES receiving love!! He lives up to his name as a defender of men…he is always sticking up for the weaker ones and defending them when he sees something unjust happening. Sash is also a true warrior, having survived many battles and come out as a conqueror!

Sash is truly a living miracle and such a testament of God’s amazing power to redeem and restore! We know that many of you have been faithful to pray for our precious boy! I would like to thank each of you for the support you gave him through your prayers and love, during his major spine surgery and hospital stay! I was left speechless by your letters, cards and supportive words of love! Sasha was so overwhelmed by your kindness!

Above all else, I’d like to thank Jesus for blessing our family with our priceless Sasha! I am so humbled to be entrusted by Jesus, with the gift of my boy!

Happy Birthday “Maestro!” We love you more than words could ever begin to express! Mommy and your tribe of siblings 

Even the Darkest Night Leads to Dawn

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Sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way we think.

We face loss, bump up against a wall, wonder what in the world just happened.

It’s part of living here, in this fallen world.

Yet even in those moments we can find hope.

Not the kind that hopes for {because we all know that doesn’t always come true}.

But the kind that hopes in {because that’s what remains true no matter what}.

Hope in a God whose ways are higher than ours.

Hope in a future he promises he’s preparing for us.

Hope that even today’s rain can somehow how become tomorrow’s flowers.

I don’t know how it happens.

All I know is I’ve lived it.

Breathed it.

Clung to it in the night.

As long as we live, there is hope.

Even the darkest night leads to dawn–

to scandalous joy unexpected.

-Holley Gerth-

He calls you beautiful!

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This morning I was thinking about how much Jesus loves each of you…and me and was just blown away by it. I’m reminded daily of His unconditional love and how in the middle of our rough and ugly moments in life, He sees a beauty in us that’s far beyond how we see ourselves.

I was reading a post that I had shared awhile back on my Facebook page, by Hollie Gerth, and loved what she had written about this very thing…God loving us in the midst of our weak and broken lives. I’d like to share some of her post with you and I’m praying that you are encouraged today in His most amazing and beautiful love for you! YOU ARE CHERISHED AND LOVED! Be blessed with the knowledge of that today!

“We stand in front of God with our messy lives, our bare souls and we are certain that there isn’t any beauty to behold. Then He catches us by surprise, looks our way and says, “Hey, beautiful.”

Yes, husband or not, you are loved that way too. Loved by the God who flung the stars into space, who called your name before you ever came into being, who pursues you relentlessly and passionately.

“As women, we are experts at earning the affections of friends, lovers, children and our families. Coming face-to-face with a God who loves us unconditionally sets us off balance….It’s scary to believe in God’s unconditional love. What if it’s not true? Then the deepest desire of every little girl and every grown woman can never be a reality.

We watch Cinderella and hope for our own version of living happily ever after. But life disappoints us, and God is our last chance to be fully, deeply loved. So we do everything possible to please Him because even though we’ve endured many rejections, His would be unbearable.

But God is whispering the words to our hearts we long to hear if only we can dare to believe them: ‘You are loved–deeply, truly, always.’ “–God’s Heart for You: Embracing Your True Worth as a Woman
No matter how it may feel, you are seen through eyes of love. You are chosen, wanted, cherished right now and forever after.

No make-up. Messy hair. Messy life too.
It’s all made beautiful by the One who loves you.”

Holley Gerth